Posted on by Elizaveta Romanova

This year I was happy to start my photography path wit the Rodchenko Moscow School. As a thesis project, I made a series of photos in Tel Aviv.

I never get to know a new subject gradually and systematically, I get carried away by a part, then return to another and so on. Just like kids play. When I was walking around Tel Aviv, I tried to focus on architecture, or street life, or local people, and felt like a substantial part, the core, still was missing. It was all very chaotic. But then I found old photos at a flee market and saw that until that moment I had been looking for things on the outside. The photos I found showed me the inside part. They showed me that I had been tired and stressed and that I had been in need of a simple and innocent game, the one kids play.

I'll be posting many photos from Tel Aviv, but for today, here, have the thesis ones.