A little improvisation on responcibility

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Allow me to proudly present the talented one in our family. My tiny brother, Pavel.


Actually, we were just making video references for Scream School homework. This week, I had to animate falling ball, feather and brick — to get the motion right and to get on terms with ae speed graph editor. Here's the result.

But yeah, Pavel stole she show :)

"So you're a designer of what exactly?"

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Motion. Like when you take an idea and you present it with visual means like normal graphic designers do, and then — boom! — add bells and whistles, i.e. motion and sound, and then the customers buy the product you were designing for, because they got 100500x times more ultra positive emotions directly to their blood systems. Pure awesomeness.

So last weeks's assignment at ScreamSchool was to explain the said above in a video.

I really really loved how the bike turned out. Maybe deep down inside I'm an old beer-smelling rolling stone, yeah baby.

Scary (school) movie

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So the classes at Scream School/BHSAD have started and we got our first assignments. Too much fun to be true :)

Oh don't go all "the guy won't get an oscar" on us. That's the point! We were exploring the Kuleshov effect: spectators tend to build emotional links between two frames, even if actors don't show much of emotion.

Also, we did it for the lulz. 

Yeah, we kinda had to sacrifice personal belongings...

Famous Women in Contemporary Fashion

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So, we made this project together with Tim Iliasov, who acted as a fashion pro, and a manager, and a producer, and a pr guy. I was the muscle.

Each illustration depicts iconic Russian women wearing items from winter 2015/16 collection of famous brands. The illustrations are also stylised to resemble the relevant advertising campaigns. We were proud to become partners with, where you can see the side by side comparison of the pictures and the original ads.

The coolest thing about this project was to bring our artistic initiative from the birth of the idea through demanding process to the publication and media support. I couldn't possibly spend these months in a more meaningful and satisfying way.


The one pill makes you larger

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And the one pill makes you small.

Funny how a creepy-looking cafe turned out so cute in the photos. Hooray to the coloured light. It was a nice birthday of a great girl.


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I have ruined a gouache portrait today, oh my T_T

But I've also done a coub, some fun. Better mistakes tomorrow ^^

Inner garden

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I've been concentrating on finding inner peace and happiness lately. Surprisingly, among the findings was the tendency in me to be an object of another's  subjective judgement instead of being a subject.

In other words, what's the use of trying to deserve someone else's approval, when I'm happier cultivating my garden according to my taste.


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Go and see "Salt of the Earth" right now, seriously.
I've seen the works of Sebastião Salgado before, but the backstories he tells, the cinematography, the tactful direction by Wim Wenders — all leave an even bigger impression. I thought I'd faint right in the auditorium, but went home with an imperative impulse to draw. 

So, here's what I got.

All the textures used are leather.

Here's the process.

PS: Mr Wenders also made the fabulous "Pina" — a brilliant non-invasive hommage to the great choreographer, also a must-see. 

Fake it 'till you make it

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Mastering anything is easy: you suck for the first five years, then you suck a little less.

Day in, day out. 

(Photos were made at the Moscow tattoo week)

Be Best$eller!

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These are some pics from the second part of collaboration with Euroset.

The full project can be seen here