Inner garden

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I've been concentrating on finding inner peace and happiness lately. Surprisingly, among the findings was the tendency in me to be an object of another's  subjective judgement instead of being a subject.

In other words, what's the use of trying to deserve someone else's approval, when I'm happier cultivating my garden according to my taste.


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Go and see "Salt of the Earth" right now, seriously.
I've seen the works of Sebastião Salgado before, but the backstories he tells, the cinematography, the tactful direction by Wim Wenders — all leave an even bigger impression. I thought I'd faint right in the auditorium, but went home with an imperative impulse to draw. 

So, here's what I got.

All the textures used are leather.

Here's the process.

PS: Mr Wenders also made the fabulous "Pina" — a brilliant non-invasive hommage to the great choreographer, also a must-see. 

Fake it 'till you make it

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Mastering anything is easy: you suck for the first five years, then you suck a little less.

Day in, day out. 

(Photos were made at the Moscow tattoo week)

Be Best$eller!

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These are some pics from the second part of collaboration with Euroset.

The full project can be seen here


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(Feeling) oh so blue


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This year I was happy to start my photography path wit the Rodchenko Moscow School. As a thesis project, I made a series of photos in Tel Aviv.

I never get to know a new subject gradually and systematically, I get carried away by a part, then return to another and so on. Just like kids play. When I was walking around Tel Aviv, I tried to focus on architecture, or street life, or local people, and felt like a substantial part, the core, still was missing. It was all very chaotic. But then I found old photos at a flee market and saw that until that moment I had been looking for things on the outside. The photos I found showed me the inside part. They showed me that I had been tired and stressed and that I had been in need of a simple and innocent game, the one kids play.

I'll be posting many photos from Tel Aviv, but for today, here, have the thesis ones.