Hang and his Dima

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I did a couple of pictures for a friend of mine. The hang music has both a very stellar unearthly quality to it and a vagabond air. Maybe next time I'll gather some audio-recording help and do some... audio recording.

Oh and and we had fun too


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I don't feel so good about my studies and overall the direction I'm taking. But then again it's just a feeling, and feelings come and go. So I focus on trying to make at least a doodle drawing every day.

Infographics practice

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So I've always been walking around infographics, never actually finding enough courage to make some. But then you're told "go make 20 charts in 10 days or you won't get an exam admission", and you go and do what you can as fast as you can. Gotta love being outside the comfort zone.

GENIUS! photo retouch

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Yay! Happy new year everybody! :) My hands are craving for some new work, so I'm in no holiday mood, so here have a post on how we made the titles and the ahem-let's-call-it-compositing for our short.

First and foremost, we had to turn Dasha into a statue — everybody was super sceptical about it and nobody was sure in my photoshop magic. Plus, we still needed some real-world preparation: it was clear to me that I wouldn't be able to simulate the simulation of fabric in sculpture. So the plan was epic: Dasha, sorry, but we're gonna cover you with dirty, creepy, cold, skin-damaging artistic clay. For the art.

Unfortunately, the backstage video of how we tortured our actress is lost.

We filmed the shot with the guys and took a photo of clay-covered Dasha separately, so that we just could just insert a piece of photo into a video. Denis, our sensei, suggested that we added noise to the still image — and it was a tiny detail that made all the difference!

Now, looking back, I think maybe I could do without actually using clay, with photoshop only. But don't tell Dasha.

So we were sitting at a cafe, listening to some Christmas Vivaldi or something, which is always good for some classy chainsaw massacre, and somehow we got the idea, that it would be funny to represent the whole crew as victims-statues. So the night and morning before presenting our movie, we were painting and animating our own portraits.

Guys were asking about the process, so I recorded a time-lapse, here you go :)

Happy holidays! :)

GENUIS! storyboard

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So we made a short, and before actually filming it we had to draw a storyboard, naturally. I didn't have much time, so I did very simple drawings, but somehow the group loved them for theur meme-like qualities. So, here you go:

The note I made on the set: this storyboard sucks. It worked super well for the presentation of the story, but it was absolutely not suited for the actual shooting. Trying to film in strict agreement with these pictures worked worse than building a shot according to camera and set characteristics. 


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Heeeeey! Today I've got something special. We made a movie! It was a part of our studies at ScreamSchool and, honestly, I've had the time of my life.

Roaming across Moscow in search of a sculptor's studio, shooting, editing till 5 in the morning, reshooting crappy footage, more editing.  It was quite difficult for a newbie, challenging and fantastic. The team was great. The best thing about our school is how much you can learn from fellow students.

I'll have two more making-of posts: one on the storyboard we had, and the other on the final titles pictures. So have wonderful holidays, and take a peak one in a while :)

ScreamSchool horror

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Okay this one is baaad. I screwed up at staging this etude, we were unsurprisingly unskilled at working with a steadycam, and the editing just didn't want to go right. On the good side, now I know for sure: damn it I don't like acting, but hell yeah I enjoy management.

Lovely siblings

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I get super flattered when people ask me to make photos for their family albums, and these girls are just two unbelievably charming, and hearty, and uber smart sisters. Maybe I have subconsciously invented a story behind this shoot, or it's just the filmmaking training at ScreamSchool that gets so deep, but I kind of get a cinematographic impression from these pictures.

This time I took a  bolder approach to colour correction. It seems like this kind of cloudy autumn weather works really nice if you lower the contrast and go to Adjustments -> Selective colour to toggle the settings for greys. What do you think?

Also, I got a picture too ^^

A little improvisation on responcibility

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Allow me to proudly present the talented one in our family. My tiny brother, Pavel.


Actually, we were just making video references for Scream School homework. This week, I had to animate falling ball, feather and brick — to get the motion right and to get on terms with ae speed graph editor. Here's the result.

But yeah, Pavel stole she show :)

"So you're a designer of what exactly?"

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Motion. Like when you take an idea and you present it with visual means like normal graphic designers do, and then — boom! — add bells and whistles, i.e. motion and sound, and then the customers buy the product you were designing for, because they got 100500x times more ultra positive emotions directly to their blood systems. Pure awesomeness.

So last weeks's assignment at ScreamSchool was to explain the said above in a video.

I really really loved how the bike turned out. Maybe deep down inside I'm an old beer-smelling rolling stone, yeah baby.

Scary (school) movie

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So the classes at Scream School/BHSAD have started and we got our first assignments. Too much fun to be true :)

Oh don't go all "the guy won't get an oscar" on us. That's the point! We were exploring the Kuleshov effect: spectators tend to build emotional links between two frames, even if actors don't show much of emotion.

Also, we did it for the lulz. 

Yeah, we kinda had to sacrifice personal belongings...

Famous Women in Contemporary Fashion

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So, we made this project together with Tim Iliasov, who acted as a fashion pro, and a manager, and a producer, and a pr guy. I was the muscle.

Each illustration depicts iconic Russian women wearing items from winter 2015/16 collection of famous brands. The illustrations are also stylised to resemble the relevant advertising campaigns. We were proud to become partners with, where you can see the side by side comparison of the pictures and the original ads.

The coolest thing about this project was to bring our artistic initiative from the birth of the idea through demanding process to the publication and media support. I couldn't possibly spend these months in a more meaningful and satisfying way.


The one pill makes you larger

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And the one pill makes you small.

Funny how a creepy-looking cafe turned out so cute in the photos. Hooray to the coloured light. It was a nice birthday of a great girl.


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I have ruined a gouache portrait today, oh my T_T

But I've also done a coub, some fun. Better mistakes tomorrow ^^